You are welcome to the West African Examinations Council, Ghana's Online Practice Test Portal the first of its kind. Please go through the website carefully it has all the information you need to know. Thank you for visiting.
  Welcome to the West African Examinations Council, Ghana's
Online Practice Test Portal

Welcome to the West African Examinations Council, Ghana Online Practice Test Portal, a website dedicated to helping students prepare for WAEC’s examinations. This solution provides students with an easy-to-use and friendly online interface where they can practice objective questions in any subject of their choice while studying for these examinations.

The Portal is designed to accommodate both School-Based and Private Candidates. Private Candidates are required to obtain a Registration Scratch Card from any of the sales outlet, which will then be used to create a profile for them. Students in schools wishing to enjoy the benefit of this Portal are required to register through their schools.
Schools interested in registering her students are to contact the nearest WAEC office for their school account creation on the Portal. Once this has been done, such schools will then be equipped with the necessary modules to create and manage her students based on the number of slots approved by WAEC.
During registration a private candidate or school administrator (as the case may be) selects the subjects the candidate wishes to be tested on. A maximum of eight subjects is allowed per candidate.
Once a profile has been created, the candidate will be able to access the portal with the username and password provided at registration.

A candidate can do the following on the Portal:

• Manage basic information on his/her profile.
• Attempt practice questions which can be paused and continued at will.
• View performance history on already completed practice tests.
The candidate after concluding a set of question can review his performance by viewing the right and wrong answers. The system will in addition display correct answers to the questions answered wrongly.
Each candidate subscription is valid for only one year. Candidates willing to use the Portal after the expiration of their annual subscription will be required to purchase another scratch card or re-subscribe through the school as the case may be.

If you are not a student of any school and you wish to participate in our online test please obtain your scratch card and register. more info...

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